What is Introduce.AI?

Introduce.AI is a website that offers financial advisors solutions for succession planning, growth, recruitment and more. The website matches financial advisors with other financial advisors who want to buy, sell, merge or join platforms and find clients looking for them.

Independently owned, Introduce.AI mission is to create an efficient market for financial advisors, teams, firms that want to be found and or to partner their firms.  Regardless of scale, scope or experience. We can be your match-maker.

Who does Introduce.AI serve?

  • Financial Advisors and or Teams looking for a succession plan through adding an advisor to their firm or M&A
  • Advisors looking to join an existing practice or firm.
  • Advisors looking to sell their practice as their path to succession
  • Advisors looking to grow their firm through adding new advisors or M&A
  • Breakaway brokers, hybrid reps, advisors, teams looking to join an existing firm or form a new firm
  • NextGen: The next generation of financial advisors looking to enter the industry
  • Clients that want to find financial advisors to manage their wealth

How does Introduce.AI work?

  1. Advisors and firms build their online profile
  2. They describe their objectives.
  3. They get matched by Introduce.AI’s proprietary algorithms.
  4. They communicate through Introduce.AI’s internal email system revealing their identity only if and when they are ready.

For a more extensive answer please go to How it Works.

How is it different?

  • It’s a self- populated data base
  • Where the advisors and firms search for free
  • Introduce.AI puts the power in the advisor’s hands
  • Introduce.AI is agnostic as to custodial platform or whether a deal gets done
  • Introduce.AI creates the playing field; they are not calling the plays and do not benefit from them.

What is a Promoted Profile?

For those who don’t need anonymity, you can advertise your identity, contact information and goals to the subscribers at Introduce.AI.

It is like a Google ad lasered on your target market of subscribers inside the Introduce.AI site.

  • The low cost NextGen Promoted Profile is for those with 0-4 years of industry experience.
  • The Professional Promoted Profile is for those with 5+ years of industry experience.

Learn more about Promoted Profiles here.

What is Introduce.AI Concierge Consulting?

For those who may not have the time or comfort level to facilitate a search themselves, Introduce.AI is a personalize experience where our consultants will utilize the Introduce.AI and navigate you through the entire process of matching with your ideal destination.

Introduce Concierge Consulting combines the best of expert consulting and sophisticated technology driven matching.

Learn more about Concierge Consulting here.

What is success on Introduce.AI?

Success on Introduce.AI is making connections that will lead to potential partnerships or new firms to join.

Our goal is to bring advisors the most efficient tools and excellent information so you can make the best decisions for the succession and growth of your firm.

Still have more questions?

Check out our Support Section where we have over content, send us an email at info@introduce.ai.